Australian wins $ 1 mln in Monday Lotto twice

For most of us forgetful people are those who forget to bring along an umbrella when it rains outside and have to return for it once they are on the doorstep which might mean a back luck - if you are superstitious be sure never to do that once you are on your way to buy lottery tickets, or better do that online. However there are people forgetting about their winning lottery tickets. Please find below a curious story about a forgetful player who somehow forgot about his winning lottery ticket and nearly missed out doubling his win.

David and his spouse are regular lottery players sticking to the strategy of their own. They usually play special numbers matching their birthday dates which paid them off a share in $ 4 mln Monday Lotto Australia jackpot. The lucky couple's ticket was one of the 4 tickets matching the lottery winning numbers for Monday Lotto Australia draw which were 3, 7, 14, 17, 20 & 29. So they were lucky to bank one fourth or $ 1,000,000.

Playing Monday Lotto Australia

Monday Lotto Australia is a 6/45 matrix lottery. To take part in Monday Lotto Australia players will have to choose the 6 main numbers drawn from the guess range of 1 to 45 as well as 2 additional lottery winning numbers which are accountable solely for the secondary prize divisions. Winning the 1st super prize of $ 1 mln (guaranteed for up to 4 lucky tickets) requires matching all the 6 main lottery winning numbers drawn.

It was almost a week later when David discovered another lottery ticket for the lucky draw generating another million of dollars for them. It was just lying around in the pocket of his jeans he was about to launder. We can only imagine how astonished and happy he was he did not do that. David kept asking himself how that could be possible as it duplicated the same lottery winning numbers.

David interrogated his memory for a while to find possible explanations. And it came to him that it could have just slipped his mind that busy week. He then worked as a delivery driver and might have absentmindedly bought the second ticket amid his appointments presuming that he had not bought one before. So he went online to check Australian lotto results and dividends chart for that particular draw and discovered that one prize was still unclaimed. He ran to his wife and broke the news. She was first rather septic about it and also could not figure out at once how that could be possible. He told her his story and it took him a while to convince her he did not get it all wrong.

Luck may take a curious turn any time and more often when it is less expected. Unbelievably enough, still that anecdotal situation doubled the lucky couple win to $ 2,000,000. So they contacted the lottery officials and to the lottery officials' great surprise claimed the prize again. All they could do was just to admit that and the same player had won twice in one draw.

Future plans

The lucky couple decided to keep some money in reserve for the family needs and comfortable retirement. Then already over 60 David got retired in several days after receiving the lottery winning check so that he got a lot of time to indulge in his beloved hobby, playing golf. On her part his wife deiced she would surely make her dream of visiting the Great Britain and the USA, London and New York to be exact, come true.