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Monday Lotto results

Monday Lotto is a lottery originating in Australia and as it is understood from the name is held on Mondays. The draws are officially scheduled for the Monday evenings at 9.30 p.m. AEDT (8.30 p.m. AEST). Monday Lotto results are announced immediately after the raffles so that you can find out whether you lucked out to win 1 million Australian dollars jackpot or any of the other cash prizes. There are several ways to check your ticket against Monday Lotto winning numbers. The traditional ones will fit only those living or staying in Australia. The latest Monday Lotto results are available as soon as the respective draw is over. They are published in the local media so the newspapers, radio and TV broadcasts are to your service. In case you missed or forgot to check your ticket you can inquire about the winning numbers at any lottery shop in your town or use the mobile phone to call or send SMS to the corresponding operator to get the latest Monday Lotto results. The devoted lottery players can also make use of the online Australian lotto results services to keep up with the recent updates and even to watch the draws online. To make it even more convenient the lottery operators offer the notification services for the registered users, so that they do not have to bother at all.

Monday Lotto numbers

The lottery has implemented a number of changed until coming to the present-day format. There are totally 45 Monday Lotto numbers. The set of 45 balls numbered from one to forty-five is placed into the transparent lottery drum which totally draws 8 balls from the set. The first 6 are the main Monday Lotto numbers required to get the top prize. The last two are the additional numbers also referred to as supplementary and accounted only for the 3 secondary prizes. Initially the set included 40 balls and then added 4 balls and another one later. There was only 1 extra number drawn until the changes taking effect starting from August 1990. On the one hand that somewhat worsened the winning odds but on the other hand allowed increasing the jackpot which was however later made a fixed value of 1 million Australian dollars. A peculiar thing about the supplementary Monday Lotto numbers is that you can match only one of them to win the second or the fifth prize but will have to match two (as well as 1 main) to hit the prize of the last 6th category.

The lottery was launched in 1979 so it can be regarded the second oldest jackpot lottery in Australia after Saturday Lotto. Originally it was hosted solely in New South Wales later extending its geographical reach across the whole continent. The game is branded differently depending on the territory and the corresponding operator: X Lotto, TattsLotto or Gold Lotto. Do not be confused coming across any, Monday Lotto results will be the same.

Monday Lotto odds and winning combinations

Basically the game-play procedure is rather straightforward: visit the local retailer or go online to purchase the ticket, choose your numbers and check the latest Monday Lotto results later. The chances to match all or several Monday Lotto winning numbers will depend on the number of entry lines you are going to play in one game. The improvement of 1 entry based odds compared to 14 entries based odds to hit the jackpot is obvious: 1 : 8,145,060 and 1 : 581,790 respectively. The detailed list of the combinations of Monday Lotto winning numbers and the corresponding chances are listed below (MN – main Monday Lotto numbers, SN – supplementary Monday Lotto numbers).




1 entry odds

14 entries odds


6 MN

1 : 8,145,060

1 : 581,790


5 MN + 1 or 2 SN

1 : 678,755

1 : 48,483


4 MN

1 : 36,689

1 : 2,621


3 MN

1 : 733

1 : 53


3 MN + 1 or 2 SN

1 : 297

1 : 22


1 or 2 MN + 2 SN

1 : 144

1 : 11

Monday Lotto playing tips

Surely enough, it is not an easy task to beat the jackpot winning odds. Although Monday lottery odds are rather competitive as opposed to other Aussie and foreign lotto games, still the chances can be improved even more first of all playing more different combinations in one draw. The maximal possible number of entry lines per ticket is not limited to 14 (as it comes for the example in the table above). You can play up to 18 Standard entries (the numbers are checked off by the player) and up 50 Quick Pick entries (the numbers are generated by computer). The Quick Pick option will be rather handy for those playing more than 4 entry lines at once. First of all the selection will be much quicker and more randomized. This means that you will not use one and the same numbers too often.

On the other hand you may want to use some specific Monday Lotto numbers or combination. In such a case the manual selection or Marked Coupon feature is to you service. Marking the coupon you allow the system to play the same combination, which is your favorite or special to you, for several upcoming draws. It will come in handy if you go somewhere abroad or are pressed for time or just do not want to forget and miss the raffle. The option is also called the Advance Game and is provided both online and over-the-counter. You can go even further in increasing the possibility to win the grand prize. Firstly, you can select more main Monday Lotto numbers and play all the possible combinations with them. This option stands for the System Entry. You can choose up to 20 numbers of 45 Monday Lotto numbers totally possible. Secondly, one or two primary numbers will be guaranteed for your entry. This option stands for the Pick Entry. Naturally enough, these options are charged extra fee. Still you can always set up a lottery syndicate to split the expenditures. Most of the mentioned features are available online. Optionally you can always ask for the automatic Monday Lotto results mailing.

Hot & Cold numbers

You can also try to improve the jackpot winning odds yourself choosing the most frequent numbers and avoiding the most infrequently drawn ones. The most common Monday Lotto winning numbers are called the “hot”. The statistics is drawn up using either the historic or the yearly or the latest Monday Lotto results. The numbers in the end of the list are “cold”. Some players ground their strategy on avoiding them. In line with the history of Monday Lotto results, the six hottest numbers are as follows: 20, 13, 18, 32, 21 and 34 while the coldest numbers: 8, 37, 22, 25, 36 and 12. The most frequent pairs are 13 and 43, 28 and 34, 4 and 21; while the most frequently draw consecutive pairs are 13 and 14, 8 and 9, 31 and 32.

Monday Lotto jackpots and winnings

Monday Lotto jackpot has been a fixed value of 1 million Australian dollars since February 2012. AUD 15 mln is the biggest jackpot recorded in this lottery. It was won in 1996 and was shared between the three winning tickets. Don't miss your chance. Get Monday Lotto results updates online.

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