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oz Lotto Winning Numbers

Oz Lotto results

As any lottery format suggests, you will have to choose and match certain numbers to win the prize. Playing Oz Lotto is not different. After filling in the ticket's entry line with your numbers you will have to check Oz Lotto results (nsw) after the corresponding draw to find out whether any of them matched those drawn. What is the most convenient way to check Oz Lotto results (qld)? Basically there are two main options for the players living in and outside Australia. The local players can just simply watch the draws held and broadcasted by the Australian TV channels every week at 9.30 p.m. on Tuesday evenings. Additionally they can get the info on Oz Lotto winning numbers from the local media be it the newspapers or radio shows or stop over any retailer shop and ask about the latest Oz lotto results (wa). This fascinating lottery game has already reached the overseas players via the online services offered on the web. So this is actually the only way to find out the latest Oz lotto results (sa) from abroad. Still the Aussie players are overwhelmingly switching to the online Australian lotto results services as it is more convenient as well as time-saving.

Oz Lotto Numbers

There are totally 45 Oz lotto numbers used for each draw. The set is loaded into the lottery machine which draws the 7 winning ones. In the professional terms the lottery uses the 7/45 matrix (compared to 6 of 40 in Powerball) where 7 stands for the main (jackpot) Oz Lotto winning numbers and 45 for the guess range. Until October 2005 it applied the 6/45 format just like another popular Australian game of chance Saturday Lotto. From then on there was the 7th number introduced which enabled to extend the jackpot winning odds and respectively hike the jackpot's roll-over potential. No wonder that Oz lotto hit Australian lottery jackpot record later in November 2012 reaching 112 mln Australian dollars, $111,972,151.04 to be exact which were split by the four lucky lottery players from Australia.

After the 7 main Oz Lotto numbers, the drum draws the 2 additional ones from the remaining 38 balls. These numbers are not taken into account for winning the lottery grand prize and compose the winning combinations of the 2nd, 4th and 7th secondary prize category. There are totally 7 cash prizes, referred to as Division in Oz lotto depending on the matched combination. To win big in Oz lottery and hit the jackpot you are to choose and to be lucky to match the main 7 Oz Lotto numbers. The jackpot winning odds are assessed as 1 in over 45 mln. Interestingly enough you will not have to match all the two supplementary numbers to win the mentioned secondary prizes which is surely for the players' advantage. The overall winning odds, the chances to win anything in the game, are 1 in 57. The players can play up to 18 entries per draw. This is the way to hike the winning chances let's say from 1 : 45.3 mln to 1 : 3.7 mln playing respectively 1 and 12 entries in one draw.

Oz Lotto odds and winning combinations

Playing the game is easy, just choose the numbers and check Oz Lotto results (vic). The breakdown of odds* (MN - main Oz lotto numbers, SN - supplementary Oz lotto numbers):



1 entry odds

12 entries odds


7 MN

1 : 45,379,621

1 : 3,781,634


6 MN + 1or 2 SN

1 : 3,241,402

1 : 270,118


6 MN

1 : 180,079

1 : 15,007


5 MN + 1or 2 SN

1 : 29,601

1 : 2,467


5 MN

1 : 3,430

1 : 286


4 MN

1 : 154

1 : 13


3 MN + 1or 2 SN

1 : 87

1 : 8

Oz Lotto playing tips

Playing this lottery is not just restricted to choosing nine numbers and filling in one ticket line. To start with, you can choose to play more entries in one draw to increase the winning rates as it was mentioned above. Generally the game-play options are designated to make the lotto more interesting and easier. The “convenience” features include Quick-Pick, Marked Coupon and Advanced Game options. Quick-Pick is the trouble and time saving option. You do not have to scratch the head over the numbers to be played. The computer will do that for you and generate the random combination. Marking the ticket you will be able to play special combination (based on some special numbers or memorable dates, for instance) for up to 18 entries. Thus you will not have to check off one and the same numbers several times. Most online lottery operators offer the Advance Game option. It enables to select numbers for several draws in advance. So you will not have to worry about missing the game and will have only to check the latest Oz Lotto results (nsw) after the corresponding draw.

The “chances improving” features list the System and Pick Entries. The 1st one, also known just as Systematic, allows to choose more than 7 main numbers, from 8 to 20 (referred respectively System 8 and System 20, etc.). The system will generate all the possible variants of the combinations with the numbers you have chosen. This option hikes the chances of winning but is charged additional fee. In its turns Pick Entry gives one or two Oz Lotto winning numbers in advance. As suggested by the name playing Pick 5 and Pick 6 you will have to choose only 5 and 6 main Oz Lotto numbers. The retailer will charge the additional fee as well. Another way to hike the winning rates is to set up the lottery syndicate. A number of players will split the ticket expenses and correspondingly the winnings. You can team up with your relatives or close friends. The option is also offered by most online lottery operators and you will not have to bother looking for the syndicate members. Playing online you can also sing up for the latest Oz Lotto results (qld) mailing which is also rather handy.

Hot & Cold numbers

Another interesting way to get closer to hitting the jackpot is based on Oz Lotto numbers statistics. The historic Oz Lotto results (wa) analysis allows singling out the numbers (either single or in pairs and triplets) which show up in the draws most frequently and most seldom. Based on all-the-time Oz Lotto results (sa) data the 7 most common Oz Lotto numbers are 20, 13, 18, 32, 21, 34, 28 while the 7 least common ones are 8, 37, 22, 36, 25, 12, 6. The 3 most common Oz Lotto numbers in pairs are 28 and 34, 4 and 21, 13 and 43. The 2 most frequent triplets are 4, 16, 21 and 5, 7, 34.

Oz Lotto jackpots and winnings

Oz Lotto popularity in its hosting country, Australia, and abroad speaks for itself. Obviously enough this is due to the favorable jackpot and secondary prizes delivery ratio. Leaving alone the record Australia's lottery pot won in Oz lottery by 4 lucky Aussie players, the game is constantly reported to jackpot from 2 mln Australian dollars (a starting jackpot) to several dozen million dollars. And what is more interesting the number of roll-overs is not limited and the grand prize is not capped. So take a chance to become Australian millionaire lottery winner. Check Oz Lotto results (vic), match Oz Lotto winning numbers and win big online.

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