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Australian Powerball results

The most common lottery format implies choosing and matching the winning combination of numbers to get the cash prize. The same goes about Australian Powerball lottery. It works this way. After buying the ticket and checking off your numbers you will have to inquire about the latest Powerball results to find out whether any of Powerball winning numbers matched those you have selected. So what is the quickest way to check Powerball results and save as much trouble as possible? Generally speaking there are two ways to do that depending on how you played and where you stay. Supposed you are staying in Australia then choose either to watch the TV broadcast of the drawing held every week on Thursday evenings at 9.30 p.m. or to check Powerball results in the newspapers or just simply calling the operator's hot line or stopping by any lottery outlet in the neighborhood. On the other hand, supposed you played from abroad then the latest Powerball results online would be the most optimal solution. Online Australian lotto results service is also becoming ever more popular among the players in Australia as well offering the trouble-saving alternative.

Australian Powerball numbers

Powerball has already become a generic name for the group of lotteries played world-wide. Apart from its birthplace, the United States of America the “Powerball breed” games are held in UK (Thunderball), South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. Australian Powerball is the world's second largest game of the kind. The present day Australian Powerball version has been in operation starting from March 2013 when the guess range was cut from 45 to 40 for the 6 (earlier 5) main Powerball numbers and from 40 to 20 for the bonus ball. In this way the operators aimed to make the odds more inviting and keep up the players' interest on the high level. There are totally 8 winning combinations in this game and correspondingly 8 different prize categories.

The two sets of Powerball numbers from 1 to 40 and from 1 to 20 are loaded into the two separate lottery drums which randomly draw the 6 main Powerball winning numbers and the bonus ball. All the 7 drawn Powerball numbers will make up the jackpot winning combination. One of the most significant differences between the US and Aussie versions are the jackpot claiming alternatives which are a lump sum or an annuity in the USA and solely the lump sum in Australia. The bonus number will be also accounted for winning the secondary prizes of the categories 3, 5, 7, 8. Another difference between the two games is the minimum of the Powerball winning numbers which is just the additional number in American version and 3 numbers - 2 main and 1 bonus number for the recently introduced 8th division - in Australian version. There are totally 8 prize categories in Aussie Powerball. The cash prizes are tax-free and are percentage-based as opposed to the US Powerball secondary prizes.

Powerball odds and winning combinations

Playing this lottery is easy. Choose and guess Powerball winning numbers and get the cash prizes. Check Powerball results to find out the matched winning combination. The list of winning combos and odds is provided below (main Powerball numbers - MN, bonus Powerball number - BN). Note that you can play more than 1 standard game (one entry line) to increase the chances to win.



1 entry odds

12 entries odds


6 MN + BN

1 : 76,767,600

1 : 6,397,300


6 MN

1 : 4,040,400

1 : 336,700


5 MN + BN

1 : 376,312

1 : 31,360


5 MN

1 : 19,806

1 : 1,651


4 MN + BN

1 : 9,123

1 : 761


3 MN + BN

1 : 641

1 : 54


4 MN

1 : 480

1 : 40


2 MN + BN

1 : 110

1 : 10

Powerball playing tips

Depending on what you are pursuing: either to enhance the winning chances or to make the game more convenient and interesting you can choose from several available strategies usually called features or options. Concerning the first objective, this first of all it goes about the number of standard games you play in one draw. Obviously the more combinations you use at once the higher are your chances. The price will increase progressively, for instance $3.7 for 4 entries and $16.70 for 18 entries. To ensure the maximal randomization of your selection you can use the Quick-Pick. The lotto computer will generate different combinations for up to 50 entry lines. The other winning chances increasing tools are the Systematic and Pick entries. Using the systematics you will play all the possible combinations with more principal Powerball numbers. Using the pick option you will have 1 or 2 main winning Powerball numbers guaranteed in advance and will have to choose the remaining 5 and 4 main numbers. The options are charged additionally. The detailed pricing is provided by the official lottery operator. Power Hit is yet another interesting feature, guaranteeing the winning bonus ball and played along with 20 or 40 quick-pick or 7-15 systematic entries. This is the best chances improving option in Powerball. Grab any and check Powerball results later.

Some players try to make the lottery more interesting pursuing the strategy of their own. This goes about the favorite numbers, some special numbers played in several consecutive or separate draws or even uninterruptedly. Ask for the Marked Coupon feature. In case you want to share the excitement of anticipation, split the costs and increase the odds you can establish a lottery syndicate. Your team of lottery players will play the same numbers, it will chip in to buy more combination and get closer to the jackpot. Usually it is offered by the online lottery sites just like the Advanced draws feature which is an excellent tool to play in advance without missing a draw. To make it even more convenient, sing up for the latest Powerball results notifications online.

Hot & Cold numbers

You can possibly increase the chances to hit the grand and the secondary prizes using the statistics on the hot and cold Powerball numbers. It is based on the past or latest Powerball results and it is up to you to choose the range of analysis. Usually the numbers in focus are the frequently and rarely drawn single numbers, pairs or triplets of numbers (less frequently consecutive pair and triplets). The 6 most regular primary Powerball numbers are as follows 6, 22, 24, 2, 13, 19. The most common bonus numbers are 34, 23, 8 and 7. The 6 least drawn Powerball numbers: 43, 44, 45, 41, 42, 10. The mentioned numbers are singled out based on the historic Powerball results.

Powerball jackpots and winnings

With the 80 mln Australian dollars own jackpot record (2009), Powerball is the second largest lottery on Australian continent after Oz Lotto with the 112 mln dollars jackpot setting the country's record in 2012. Powerball jackpot starts from $3 mln. The lottery operator imposes no limitations as for the number of roll-overs (the main prize shift to the next draw with the respective increase) and the top amount. According to winning statistics most Powerball jackpots are won by the single tickets and are beyond 10 mln dollars and over. Notice that the lottery winnings including the grand ones are tax free in Australia. Try to luck out! Follow Powerball results online.

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