Powerball Australia delivers $20 mln to a “sweet tooth”

What do lottery game and candies have in common? Not that much, really, the two things seem to be different by no means related conceptions. Still it was not the case for the lucky Australian Jake who was lucky enough to win a fantastic $ 20 mln Powerball Australia lottery jackpot. He was buying his favorite candies when all of a sudden he resolved to try luck playing lotteries. That is how the two things inextricably intertwined for Jake’s luck.

A curious twist of fate

That is how he described that memorable day. Jake was out doing some shopping, in particular, listing his most favorite candies when it suddenly stroke him “Why not buy some lottery once I am still here?” He explained he did not ask how big the jackpot was, that just came as a sudden whim.

Eventually the retired Australian bought 3 QuickPick entries for Powerball Australia lottery (3 was one of his favorite numbers). Then he went home and returned to his daily routine forgetting about the lottery tickets for a while, to be exact, until the evening of the draw. That was when Jake met some friend of his who shared the news about the lucky winning ticket purchased at the shop nearby – the shop he used to buy his favorite sweets. It was rumored that the lucky winner was some the shop’s regular customers.

There was a strong indication to hope that was he who won the grand pot as he did shopping in that store on a regular basis. Still he was not too hopeful about that, as he put it. That was too good to be true, he thought and returned to his own business deciding not to make haste and check the ticket next time he would be in that store, anyway that was the place where he bought his favorite candies.

Several days later Jake met another friend who also mentioned the winning lottery ticket story as well as the lucky winner description. That gave him a start, so he hurried back home, switched his computer to go online and check Australian lotto results. Imagine how startled he was to find out the lottery winning numbers for the Powerball Australia lottery draw were 7, 15, 22, 21, 24, 28, 42 and 8, 40 for the “powerball”.

He recalls his first reaction to the news: he kept starring at his ticket double-checking the lottery winning numbers all over again and again. Once he got back to his breath, he went to the local lottery office to claim his $ 20 mln jackpot.

Future plans 

People are always very curious about the lottery winners’ future plans to deal with that heap of money the won. They asked Jake about his expectations and ideas to use the wealth he received. He said he would help others. First of all he would aid his family and relatives to strengthen their financial foothold and he was not eager to spend money for luxuries and stuff like – among other things Jake planned to buy some new cars (ordinary ones) for his two sins. He also voiced plans to help out other people via doing some charities and donations for the local social organizations which could cover a wider target audience.

And what about Jake himself? As he put it, he was not expecting much to change about him. He said he needed neither a new hour nor a new car as he liked his old one. “I am and will be just an ordinary old man,” he summed up. “That’s right, an old man with a sack of money for his favorite candies.