A retired family wins $ 1 mln in Saturday Lotto Australia

An Australian family had luck to win a share of Saturday Lotto Australia jackpot raffled every week. Both retired and both 65 years old the lucky winners are still giving each other a tweak after they won $ 1,105,260 raffled of the April Fool’s Day. 

Naturally enough, finding that out they first thought that could be some kind of the April Fool’s Day prank rather than a gift of fate: some hoaxer could have photo-copied or photo-shopped the ticket and uploaded it into the web, they thought. However, luck smiled upon them and gifted a $1  mln “cherry pie”.                

That memorable day the family head, a former industry expert, was busy helping builders they hired to do some brick and revamp work for their old garage. Eventually he decided to make some sandwiches for the workers and announced a break. Preparing lunch and going through the kitchen drawers he caught a sight of the lottery tickets (funny but that was their usual place to keep tickets) which reminded him about the Saturday Lotto Australia the day before. So he took the ticket and went online to check Australian lotto results. The lottery winning numbers for that particular draw were 2, 6, 26, 29, 41, 43 (and 1 & 7 for the so-called bonus lottery winning numbers).     

Playing  Saturday Lotto Australia

Saturday Lotto Australia is 6/45 matrix game; in other words players have to choose 6 numbers from the guess range of 1 to 45. Winning the grand prize requires matching all the 6 lottery winning numbers drawn. After 6 main numbers the lottery drum draws two additional or bonus numbers which are accountable only for increasing winning chances in the secondary prize categories (excluding the jackpot).  

First he noticed that the first 2 numbers matched those on his ticket and after looking through the rest of numbers he, to his great astonishment, discovered the complete lottery winning numbers match. He could not believe that first so he kept checking the numbers all over again and again until it came to him to contact the lottery officials and claim the win. That set his heart at rest, still he had to be alone face to face with the news for another five or six hours until his spouse came back home. He kept himself busy making coffee and tea for the workers, doing some household job but did not share the news with anybody though he was broiling with impatience to do that.     

Finally his wife returned home and was surprised to see her husband on the doorstep who “shot out” immediately: “Honey, we are now millionaires, we won the $ 1 mln lottery jackpot!” She was taken aback and her immediate reaction was septic. She responded: “Stop kidding me and act your age. Do you think I have forgotten about the April Fools'. Besides, April Fool is dead and gone, you're a fool to carry on!”    

He expected such reaction and immediately pulled out the ticket from his pocket. “Check it out and do not say it is some kind of global-scale April Fools' plot. I have made numerous double-checks and already claimed the win. And be sure I have got a confirmation. This is our life changing lottery. From now on we start our life from the clean page.” 

Future plans

Commenting on the win they said that they would be the same way happy winning just $ 10,000 but $ 1 mln win opened up opportunities of the much higher level and thus apart from turning their dreams into reality – they always dreamed of a new car and house – they might also be helpful to others via supporting local social initiatives.