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Saturday Lotto results

It will not be an exaggeration to say that Saturday Lotto is Australia's most popular as well as the oldest draw type lottery introduced for the Aussie players yet back in 1972 and surviving to the present days. It was aimed to generate the additional financing for the national health protection system and improve the social welfare. As most of the big draw type lotteries in Australia, Saturday lotto is held once a week, exactly on Saturday evenings at 9.30 pm AEDT as it suggested by the name. This is the time the live broadcasts start. The latest Saturday lotto results are made public at once. Are there any alternatives to check Saturday Lotto results? Surely there are several alternatives both for the Australians and the players trying their luck from abroad. Earlier the regular local player would pay a short visit to the closest lottery shop in the neighborhood to check out whether he or she had any luck. Apart from the TV broadcasts the latest Saturday Lotto results are published in the newspapers and are announced on the radio. However, with the impressive technological leapfrog anyone, be it an Aussie player or a foreigner, can check Saturday Lotto results and other Australian lotto results online.

Saturday Lotto numbers

Lotteries and numbers are the two pies in the pod. To avoid any misunderstanding and discrepancies when checking the winning Saturday Lotto numbers it is worth mentioning that Saturday Lotto is promoted throughout the entire Australian continent under the following names depending on the hosting region: TattsLotto (in Tasmania, Victoria, Capital and Northern Territory); Gold Lotto (Queensland); X Lotto (SA); or simply Lotto (NSW, Western Australia). In fact Saturday Lotto results are the same no matter what region it is played in. The lottery format has undergone several changes concerning the jackpots and the odds of winning along with the pool of numbers. Originally the winning Asutralian Saturday Lotto numbers were drawn according to the following scheme: 6 main ones from the set of 40 and 1 from the remaining ones (as it is a case in Monday and Wednesday Lotto). Matching the balls was required to hit the pot, at that time set at 50,000 Australian dollars.

That was the case until July 1985 when the set added 5 balls along with the second supplementary ball. Naturally enough the wider is the guess range the slimmer are the odds. But on the other hand that enabled the sizable increase of the jackpot currently set at $4 mln leaving alone the special raffles the so-called Super Draws offering the impressive top prizes of $20 million. These special raffles take place 7-8 times a year depending on the tickets sales and jack-potting draws and can grow really big. The even larger draws called the Mega Draws and offering around $30 million, usually take place once a year to mark the Christmas or the New Year festivities. Moreover the additional Saturday Lotto numbers are accounted just for the second, fifth and sixth tiers. Match any of the two to get the mentioned prizes. On very rare occasions when there is no grand winner, the main prize can be rolled over to the next raffle and increased from the regular $4 mln to $8 mln.

Saturday Lotto odds and winning combinations

You will not find it too difficult to play this lottery. All you have to do is to try to guess the lucky Australian Saturday Lotto numbers. Then check Saturday Lotto results to find out whether you had any luck and claim the prizes if one of the winning combinations was hit. Check out the provided list to get further insight into the winning chances. Note that the more combinations you play at once the better are the odds as it comes from the table (MN – main Saturday Lotto numbers, SN – supplementary Saturday Lotto numbers).



1 entry odds

12 entries odds


6 MN

1 : 8,145,060

1 : 678,755


5 MN + 1 or 2 SN

1 : 678,755

1 : 56,563


5 MN

1 : 36,689

1 : 3,058


4 MN

1 : 733

1 : 62


3 MN + 1 or 2 SN

1 : 297

1 : 25


1 or 2 MN or 2 SN

1 : 144

1 : 12

Saturday Lotto playing tips

Being the pioneer in Australian lottery industry, Saturday Lotto has developed a numbers of handy features and options which were later adopted by the other local lottery games. Using the available features can be worded like this “play it wisely to win more”. First of all it goes about the number of entries played per draw. Naturally enough, the more you play the more you pay, still the chances to get the cash back are very promising (see the Table above). Some say that lottery is a game of sheer luck so the more different combinations are played the better are the chances. In this way you can make use of the Quick Pick feature to generate the numbers automatically for up to 50 entry lines per draw. Quick-picking 4 and 50 lines you will be charged respectively $8.55 and $35.50 (official pricing). The other options improving the win rates are known as System Entry and Pick Entry. They allow increasing the chances even more. The System Entry implies choosing more main numbers (from 7 to 20) rather than the 6 ones played in the standard game. The system will produce all the possible combinations with the selected numbers. Using the Pick Entry you will have one (Pick 5) or two main (Pick 4) winning numbers guaranteed; you will have to care to guess the other yourself.

In case you are a regular player then the Advance Game option will surely be very handy for you. It allows choosing the numbers for the future draws as well as saves much trouble. You won't miss any raffle if you are busy at work or home; just only check Saturday Lotto results for the corresponding dates. Some players believe that their special combination will luck out one day and play it continually. Making Coupon will save the trouble. These favorite Saturday Lotto numbers will be played automatically time and again.

Hot and Cold numbers

You can also approach statistically to choosing Australian Saturday Lotto numbers. The approach is known as the hot vs. cold numbers. The statistics is based either on the previous or latest Saturday Lotto results. The hot numbers tend to be drawn more often in compassion to the cold ones which are rarer. The historic Saturday Lotto results analysis shows that the eight most recurrent numbers in this lottery are 1, 40, 25, 18, 41, 19, 12 and 5 while the eight least recurrent Saturday Lotto numbers are 14, 44, 35, 17, 2, 23, 30 and 28. The hottest pairs of numbers: 1 and 41, 11 and 32, 15 and 34, 32 and 40.

Saturday Lotto jackpots and winnings

Although Saturday Lotto jackpot is a fixed value of $4 million just like most jackpots raffled in line with Super Draws & Mega Draws and set respectively at $20 million and $30 million, there are exceptions as it was the case in April 2008. Then the jackpot raffled as a part of the Super Draw reached 47.8 million Australian dollars and was won and split between over 3 dozen players. This, as well as the fair overall chances to win anything, backs the lottery's popularity worldwide. Follow the latest Saturday Lotto results online!

Happy winners

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