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wednesday Lotto Winning Numbers

Wednesday Lotto results

Wednesday Lotto is another Australia-branded draw lottery offering the chance to scoop 1 million Australian dollars week by week. Just like its counterpart, Monday Lotto, it is drawn once a week on Wednesday evenings and officially scheduled at 9.30 p.m. AEDT (8.30 p.m. AEST). The latest Wednesday Lotto results are in high demand in Australia and abroad as the number of foreign lottery players adding this game to their to-play-list is continuously growing. Keeping up with the trends the official lottery providers in Australia as well as the independent lottery agents offer to check Wednesday Lotto results on the web providing the timely and accurate updates of the drawn Wednesday Lotto numbers and other Australian lotto results. Supposed you have no access to the web and want to find out quickly the latest Wednesday Lotto results having a feeling that your ticket is a winning one, then use your mobile phone to call the operator's hot-line to make the inquiry or send SMS with the corresponding code to get the message with the latest winning numbers. If you want to follow the process yourself then watch the raffle by TV. The show is broadcasted by the local TV channels as well as is downloaded online for the foreign lottery fans. The fresh Wednesday Lotto results are also published in the conventional media space including newspapers and radio. Visiting the lottery retailer is another traditional way to check Wednesday Lotto results, both latest and the past ones, still doing that online will save much time for you.

Wednesday Lotto numbers

Wednesday Lotto uses the same format of numbers as its “Monday twin” and “Saturday big brother”. In fact the lotteries are different only in terms of the draw days and the size of the main prize if it goes about Saturday Lotto. Usually the two lotteries are branded under one name like Monday & Wednesday Lotto or Mon & Wed Lotto still the drawings and the drawn winning numbers will be different. The lucky winning combo includes eight Wednesday Lotto numbers: 6 are considered the main ones as they are required for the jackpot and 2 are the so-called additional or supplementary ones as they are required for some secondary prizes only. There are lotteries worldwide already using the computers to generate the winning combination of lotto numbers. Wednesday Lotto keeps up the tradition using a transparent lottery machine, a drum loaded with a set of balls numbered from 1 to 45.

First it draws 6 main Wednesday Lotto numbers from 45 totally and then 2 additional Wednesday Lotto numbers from 39 remaining. At first Wednesday Lotto was introduced as the second weekly draw of Mon Lotto scheduled for the mid-week to fill in the gap between the other lottery days. That was starting from November 1984. Later in 1989 it was pushed to Thursday and was returned to Wednesday after the launch of Australian Powerball lottery. The matrix of Wednesday Lotto numbers had been changing along with that applied in Monday lottery. The matrix was increases from 6 of 40 to 6 of 45. To make the game play more engaging and increase the chances for winning the secondary prizes the operator added the second supplementary number. Match one of the two to win the 2nd or the 5th cash prize.

Wednesday Lotto odds and winning combinations

Check Wednesday Lotto results after the draw to find out what winning combination you were lucky to match and what prize you are going to claim. Apart from the jackpot which is a constant value of 1 mln Australian dollars, the other prizes will somewhat vary from draw to draw depending on the ticket sales. The most common way to boost the winning odds is to fill in more entries for one draw using different combinations. See the table below (where MN means main Wednesday Lotto numbers and SN stands for supplementary Wednesday Lotto numbers).



1 entry odds

14 entries odds


6 MN

1 : 8,145,059

1 : 581,791


5 MN + 1 or 2 SN

1 : 678,754

1 : 48,482


5 MN

1 : 36,688

1 : 2,620


4 MN

1 : 732

1 in 53


3 MN + 1 or 2 SN

1 : 298

1 in 22


1 or 2 MN + 2 SN

1 : 143

1 in 11

Wednesday Lotto playing tips

The basic playing strategies are not different from those used in Monday and Saturday lotteries as well as other Aussie and international lotto games. This concerns both the options improving the winning chances and those making the game-play more convenient for the players. Compared to the standard game when you check off Wednesday Lotto numbers yourself filling in at least 4 and maximum 18 entries, you can play from at least 12 up to maximum 50 entries automatically. The system will produce the selected amount of combinations and will fill in the lines for you. The whole process won't take longer than a minute, so that it is referred to as a Quick Pick. The official pricing of one entry line accounts for $0.6. The Standard and Quick Pick packages will be priced correspondingly. You may be charged the additional fee if you are playing from abroad using the independent online lottery services. 

Choose more main numbers or get one or two of them guaranteed. The two features are called System and Pick selection. Playing from 8 to up to 20 main numbers (System 8 – System 20) at once equals to 28 - 38,760 standard games respectively. Using Pick 4 and Pick 5 feature, that is having 1 and 2 winning Wednesday Lotto numbers guaranteed, you will have to guess only 5 or 4 numbers correspondingly. This equals to 40 and 820 standard entries. The options are priced correspondingly so that it can be way above one player's budget. On the other hand it will be affordable for the lottery syndicates. The team of players will split the costs as well as the won cash prizes equally. Improve your chances to win, play wise and check Wednesday Lotto results on the web.

Hot & Cold numbers

Another interesting approach to boost the winning possibility is known as hot/cold numbers. This is statistically based selection of numbers when the more frequently drawn ones are preferred to those drawn less frequently. The frequency statistics is drawn up based on the annual, historic or latest Wednesday Lotto results. The cold and hot numbers in line with the historic Wednesday Lotto results are as follows: hot numbers 32, 16, 45, 10, 44, 3, 42 and 5; cold numbers – 17, 9, 15, 6, 36, 40, 28 and 34; the hottest pairs – 15 and 32, 2 and 35, 5 and 32; the hottest consecutive pairs – 32 and 33, 3 and 4, 15 and 16.

Wednesday Lotto jackpots and winnings

Wednesday Lotto jackpot was a variable value till 2012 when the first prize was fixed at 1 mln Australian dollars. The game's biggest jackpot was claimed in 2009, the lucky winners then cashed 6 mln AUD. Play and check latest Wednesday lotto results online and luck will surely smile upon you.

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